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Synonym of Awali river

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Awali (river)
The Awali ( / ALA-LC: Nahr al-Awali) is a perennial river flowing in Southern Lebanon. In ancient times it was known as the River Asclepius. It is long, originating from the Barouk mountain at a height of and the Niha mountain. The Awali is supplemented by two tributaries, the Barouk and Aaray rivers. The Awali is also known as the Bisri river in its upper section; it flows through the western face of Mount Lebanon and into the Mediterranean. The Awali river has a discharge of , it forms a watershed that has an area of about .

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Babylon English-Turkish
Awali River
i. Awali Nehri; Lübnan’da Litani Nehri’nin kuzeyinde yer alan bir nehir

Babylon English
Awali River
n. river in Lebanon north of the Litani River

Babylon English-Arabic
Awali River
أ. نهر الأولي (نهر في لبنان شمال نهر الليطاني)

Babylon English-Hebrew
Awali River
(ש"ע) נהר אל-אוולי, נהר בלבנון מצפון לנהר הליטני

Babylon English-French
Awali River
n. rivière Awali, rivière au Liban au nord du fleuve du Litani

Babylon English-Spanish
Awali River
s. Awali, río Awali, río en Líbano al norte del río Litani

Babylon English-Italian
Awali River
s. fiume Awali, fiume libanese a nord del fiume Litani

Babylon English-German
Awali River
n. Awali Fluss, Fluss im Libanon nördlich des Litani Flusses

Babylon English-Japanese
Awali River
(名) アワリ川, レバノンのリタニ川の北部を流れる川

Babylon English-Portuguese
Awali River
s. Rio Awali, rio no Líbano ao norte do Rio Litani

Babylon English-Dutch
Awali River
zn. rivier Awali, Awali, rivier in Libanon ten noorden van de Litani

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