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Synonym of Based Upon

.:Mas_NDon English Indonesian Dictionary
based upon
berdasar pada
my child #02

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
base3 on/upon
(v.) = basarse en.
Ex: Other indexes based on titles, both printed and machine-held, may provide access to words other than the first in a title.
* base on + a premise = basarse en una premisa.
* base on + a principle = basarse en un principio.
* base + judgement on = basar conclusiones en, fundamentar conclusiones en.
* base upon + assumption = basarse en una premisa, partir de una premisa.

English-Serbian dictionary
Based Upon
Osnovan Na-Zasnovan-Zasnovan Na

English-Indonesian Online Dictionaries
based upon
berasaskan, berasas

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