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Synonym of Look-and-feel

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Look and feel
In software design, look and feel is a term used in respect of a graphical user interface and comprises aspects of its design, including elements such as colors, shapes, layout, and typefaces (the "look"), as well as the behavior of dynamic elements such as buttons, boxes, and menus (the "feel"). The term can also refer to aspects of a non-graphical user interface (such as a command-line interface), as well as to aspects of an API – mostly to parts of an API that are not related to its functional properties. The term is used in reference to both software and websites.

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Look and Feel
Der Begriff Look and Feel (LAF; dt. Aussehen und Handhabung, „Anfühlen“, Anmutung) bezeichnet standardisierte Design-Aspekte in Software mit grafischer Benutzeroberfläche oder auf Webseiten (Webdesign). Dazu gehört beispielsweise die Wahl von Farben, das Layout von grafischen Elementen sowie ihre Reaktion auf Benutzereingaben, Schriftarten, die Bedienung über die Tastatur usw.

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Interface graphique
En informatique, une interface graphique (en anglais pour ) est un dispositif de dialogue homme-machine, dans lequel les objets à manipuler sont dessinés sous forme de pictogrammes à l'écran, de sorte que l'usager peut utiliser en imitant la manipulation physique de ces objets avec un dispositif de pointage, le plus souvent une souris.

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Computer English-Russian Dictionary
сценарий диалога с пользователем; вид и функции, принципы построения

Internet Glossary
Refers to the general appearance and operation of a user interface. This is a hot legal issue because some software companies are claiming that competitors who copy the look-and-feel of their products are infringing on their copyright protection. To date, the courts have not ruled definitively on this matter.

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