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Synonym of OUT OF THE LOOP

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Out of the Loop
Out of the Loop är ett musikalbum av The Brecker Brothers, utgivet 1994 av GRP Records. På skivan framförs låten Secret Heart som är ett samarbete mellan Randy Brecker och sångerskan/pianisten Eliane Elias, där även hon medverkar.

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Babylon English
out of the loop
adj. (Idiom) uninformed, not informed, not included in a process, excluded from a group of people who receive the latest updates about something

Babylon English-Italian
out of the loop
agg. tagliato fuori da tutto

Australian Slang
Out of the loop
out of touch

English Idioms WM 1.3a
out of the loop
not included on the list, not in the loop 
Ever since I moved across town I've been out of the loop. Nobody tells me the news anymore.

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