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Synonym of Piss off

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Pin Index Safety System
The Pin Index Safety System, or PISS, is a safety system that uses geometric features on the yoke to ensure that pneumatic connections between a gas cylinder and a machine that uses pressurized gases are not connected to the wrong gas yoke. This system can be seen on an anesthesia machine.

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Piss(es), pissed, pissing or piss off may refer to:
  • Urine, a sterile, liquid by-product of the body that is secreted by the kidneys and excreted through the urethra
    • Urination, the ejection of urine to the outside of the body
  • Angry, or pissed off—considered mildly vulgar
  • Piss off, a phrasal verb of piss meaning "go away".
  • Drunk, pissed, adj. British and Commonwealth slang, common usage but also mildly vulgar
  • An alcoholic beverage of poor or inferior quality, informally
  • PISS and PISS Weak, two Australian beers manufactured in the 1990s by the Pi55 Beer Company in Richmond, VIC. (The names - in order - are a play on the above term and slang for something of poor quality.)
  • Piss (album), a 1993 album by Slank
  • "Piss", a song by Pantera from the album Vulgar Display of Power
  • "Piss", a song by Ministry from the album Animositisomina
  • Pissed (album), a 1994 album by Dangerous Toys
  • Pissed (2000 film), a film featuring Wendie Jo Sperber
  • Pissed (2005 film), a film featuring Marco Khan
  • Pin Index Safety System (PISS), a type of safety system

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hEnglish - advanced version
piss off

piss off
v : cause to feel intense dislike or distaste [syn: turn off, put off]

Babylon English-Turkish
piss off
defol, siktir git

Babylon English
piss off
go away, leave, depart; annoy, make angry (slang)

Babylon English-Arabic
piss off
يبتعد, يغادر, يرحل, يرتحل; يضايق, يغيظ (عامية)

Babylon English-Hebrew
piss off
להתחפף, להסתלק; להרגיז (סלנג)

Babylon English-French
piss off
foutre le camp, déguerpir, s'en aller; mettre en colère

Babylon English-Spanish
piss off
Irse, rajarse; enojar (en dialecto)

Babylon English-Italian
piss off
vattene! fuori dai piedi!

Babylon English-German
piss off
Verpiß dich, verschwinde, geh weg, verlassen; ärgern, jemanden wütend machen

Babylon English-Japanese
piss off
離れて行く, 去る, 出発する; いらいらさせる, 怒らせる(俗語)

激怒した, 怒った, 発狂した

Babylon English-Portuguese
piss off
sair, sumir, desaparecer; encher a paciência, deixar (alguém) enfezado

Babylon English-Dutch
piss off
opdonderen, oprotten; irriteren (slang)

het beu zijn, geïrriteerd

.:Mas_NDon English Indonesian Dictionary
piss off
my child #16

Babylon English-Swedish
piss off
stick! kila!, gå iväg! lämna ifred; irritera ngn, göra ngn arg (slang)

förbannad, upprörd

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
piss + Nombre + off
(v.) = volver a Alguien loco, exasperar, sacar de quicio, cabrear, encabronar, dar por culo, fastidiar, sacar de las casillas, tocar las pelotas, hinchar las pelotas, tocar los cojones, hinchar los cojones, tocar los huevos, hinchar los huevos.
Ex: And he isn't one to squander an opportunity to take credit for an operation that will piss off Washington.

Babylon English-Russian
piss off

pissed off
(груб.) обозленный, раздраженный, подавленный, расстроенный

English-Hungarian Dictionary
piss off
elhúzza a belét

saja english to turkish dictionary v.2
Piss off!
İng., kaba Defol!

Babylon English-Chinese (S)
piss off
走开, 离开; 使生气 (俚语)

Mustafa YILDIZ's English to Turkish Dictionary
piss off
kab, arg. siktir git; siktir olup gitmek; biktirmak, kafasini bozmak

Piss off!
Бриши! Откачи се!, Чисти се!

English - Thai, Dictionary of CherngX
piss off
phrv. ไปให้พ้น (คำต้องห้าม)

Diccionari Anglès - Català
piss off
v enutjar, irritar , exasperar, fer enfadar | molestar | enviar algú a fer punyetes
excl fot el camp! | no m'emprenyis! | ves a fer punyetes!

The best Glossary by Kelkouli Rédha
piss off
piss off Sl
(a)(go away) foutre le camp;
piss off!, fous le camp!
2vtsep (annoy) faire chier;
that really pisses me off, ça me fait vraiment chier;
to be pissed off, en avoir marre.

Piss off!
İng., kaba Defol!

piss off
enojar, irritar, exasperar

Angol-Magyar / English-Hungarian
piss off
elmegy,lelép,elhúzza a belét

English-Persian (Alefbā-ye 2om, 2nd Persian Alphabet)
piss off
šāš kardan

piss off
Убирайся!; Проваливай!; Свали!

piss smb. off
(сленг) надоедать до предела; доводить до бешенства; «доставать»; заколебать

Australian Slang
Piss off
1. Go away; 2. Piss (smb.) off - a. send (someone) away; b. annoy (someone) intensely

Pissed off
1. angry; 2. unhappy; 3. annoyed; 4. fed up

piss off
bother or annoy someone, make someone angry My supervisor pissed me off when he asked me to work late again last night.

yasin's unique words
piss off
***Brit: to leave immediately: scram --usu. used as a command--sometimes considered vulgar ~ vt: anger , irritate --sometimes considered vulgar

English Idioms WM 1.3a
piss off
(bad language) leave, go, beat ittake off, eh 
"If you don't like cigar smoke," he said, "you can piss off."

AOK Idioms Dictionary
piss off
[argo,yasak] gitmek

piss someone off

[argo,yasak] sıkmak,kızdırmak.

idioms dictionary
piss off
برو بيرون

London Slang
piss off
telling someone to 'piss off' is a milder version of 'fuck off', to be 'pissed off' is to be annoyed or fed up.

English slang Italian Dictionary V.0.90a
Piss off
Togliti dai piedi!

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