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Synonym of Articulation

Articulation Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
Indian file, agglomeration, agglutination, aggregation, allophone, alveolar, ankle, antonym, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, array, aspiration, assimilation, attack, bank, bilabial, bond, boundary, bracketing, butt, buzz, cacuminal, catena, catenation, cerebral, cervix, chain, chain reaction, chaining, check, clinch, closure, clustering, combination, communication, concatenation, concourse, concurrence, confluence, congeries, conglomeration, conjugation, conjunction, connecting link, connecting rod, connection, consecution, consonant, continuant, continuum, convergence, copulation, coupling, course, cycle, delivery, dental, descent, diphthong, dissimilation, dovetail, drone, elbow, embrace, endless belt, endless round, enunciation, epenthetic vowel, explosive, expression, file, filiation, free form, gamut, gathering, glide, gliding joint, glottal, glottalization, gradation, guttural, hinge, hinged joint, hip, homograph, homonym, homophone, hookup, hum, intercommunication, intercourse, interface, interlinking, join, joinder, joining, joint, jointure, junction, juncture, knee, knotting, knuckle, labial, labialization, labiodental, labiovelar, laryngeal, lateral, lexeme, liaison, line, lineage, lingual, linguistic form, link, linkage, linking, liquid, locution, logos, manner of articulation, marriage, meeting, merger, merging, metonym, minimum free form, miter, modification, monophthong, monosyllable, monotone, morphophoneme, mortise, mute, nasal, neck, nexus, occlusive, pairing, palatal, parasitic vowel, peak, pendulum, periodicity, pharyngeal, pharyngealization, phonation, phone, phoneme, pivot, pivot joint, plenum, plosive, polysyllable, powder train, progression, pronunciation, prothetic vowel, queue, rabbet, range, rank, recurrence, reticulation, retroflex, rotation, round, routine, row, run, scale, scarf, seam, segmental phoneme, semivowel, sequence, series, shoulder, single file, sonant, sonority, spectrum, speech sound, splice, stitch, stop, string, succession, surd, suture, swath, syllabic nucleus, syllabic peak, syllable, symbiosis, symphysis, synonym, term, thread, tie, tie rod, tie-in, tie-up, tier, toggle, toggle joint, train, transition sound, triphthong, unification, union, usage, utterance, velar, verbalism, verbum, vocable, vocalic, vocalization, vocoid, voice, voiced sound, voiceless sound, voicing, vowel, weld, windrow, word, wrist, yoking,


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. the aspect of pronunciation that involves bringing articulatory organs together so as to shape the sounds of speech
(hypernym) pronunciation
(hyponym) affrication
(derivation) pronounce, articulate, enounce, sound out, enunciate, say
2. the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made
(synonym) join, joint, juncture, junction
(hypernym) connection, connexion, link
(hyponym) esophagogastric junction, oesophagogastric junction
(derivation) joint, articulate
3. expressing in coherent verbal form; "the articulation of my feelings"; "I gave voice to my feelings"
(synonym) voice
(hypernym) expression
(derivation) give voice, formulate, word, phrase, articulate
4. (anatomy) the point of connection between two bones or elements of a skeleton (especially if the articulation allows motion)
(synonym) joint, articulatio
(hypernym) body part
(hyponym) fetlock, fetlock joint
(part-holonym) articulatory system
(part-meronym) hip socket
(derivation) joint, articulate
(classification) anatomy, general anatomy
5. the act of joining things in such a way that motion is possible
(hypernym) joining, connection, connexion
(derivation) joint, articulate

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