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Synonym of Asquerosa

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  1. REDIRECCIÓN Valderrubio

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
(adj.) = filthy ; revolting ; foul ; repulsive ; disgusting ; grungy ; squalid ; minger ; minging ; nasty ; appalling ; mucky ; icky ; yucky ; creepy ; creep ; lowdown ; nauseating ; nauseous ; sickening ; repugnant.
Ex: Printing houses -- apart from the few that had been built for the purpose rather than converted from something else -- were generally filthy and badly ventilated.
Ex: This was so that the stuffing could be teased out and cleared of lumps, and so that the pelts could be softened by currying and soaking them in urine; the smell is said to have been revolting.
Ex: Well, we non-smokers also like to put our feet up and relax, too; but we have to breathe in their foul fumes = Pues bien, a nosotros los no fumadores también nos gusta poner los pies en alto y relajarnos pero tenemos que respirar su repugnante humo.
Ex: A new indicator, representing the asymmetry of coauthorship links, was used to reveal the main 'attractive' and 'repulsive' centres of cooperation.
Ex: I find it disgusting but I guess that's human nature.
Ex: It is primarily a story about a girl who, pregnant, flees her disapproving family to search for the father of her child in the grungy and sinister Midlands of England.
Ex: The author examines Whistler's visits to the more squalid sections of the city, his views along the Thames and his portrayals of street urchins.
Ex: Everyone is attractive to someone, there is no such thing as a minger, but there are many people who I think are minging.
Ex: Everyone is attractive to someone, there is no such thing as a minger, but there are many people who I think are minging.
Ex: Anthony Datto thanked them for having permitted him to unburden himself and after a few desultory remarks about the nasty weather and nothing in particular, they parted.
Ex: His article, 'The skeleton in the our closet: public libraries art collections suffer appalling losses,' examines the problem of theft and mutilation of art materials in public libraries.
Ex: Bulrush prefers full or partial sun, wet conditions, and soil that is mucky or sandy.
Ex: Neck buffs and balaclava's get the most icky, because you're usually breathing against them, and they tend to get a bit moist.
Ex: I saw Gina's post the other day where she said she feels 'fat and frumpish and yucky'.
Ex: Today I got followed home by a creepy man with a high-pitched voice.
Ex: The main character, Tom Johnson, realizes that no girls go out with creeps like him so he quickly changes and buys a guitar and learns how to play one.
Ex: The board clearly didn't care if its commissioner was a lowdown, lying, corrupt and untrustworthy creep, likely because that is the nature of the entire organization.
Ex: This can give rise to ambiguity: for one person 'fulsome praise' may be no more than 'generous', while for another it may mean 'nauseating sycophancy'.
Ex: The book emphasizes the 'nauseous pendulum' that swings between reason & violence.
Ex: One of our viewers wanted people to sign this petition asking for justice on these sickening teens who did this.
Ex: The abuses detailed in these pages are repugnant, but there is hope to be found by giving voice to the victims.
* cosa asquerosa = nasty.
* tiempo asqueroso = foul weather ; abominable weather.


Babylon Spanish-English
nf. hyena, carnivorous nocturnal animal which resembles a dog (native to Africa)

adj. disgusting, repulsive, nauseating, loathsome

nm. coward; cynic

Babylon Portuguese-English
adj. loathsome, disgusting, revolting

spanis learner's dictionary

Diccionario Portugués-Español
adj. asquerosa, que causa asco, repelente, nauseabunda.

adj. asqueroso, que causa asco, repelente, nauseabundo.

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