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Synonym of Aware

Aware Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
acquainted, advertent, agog, alert, alive, alive to, all ears, all eyes, all-knowing, apperceptive, appercipient, appreciative of, apprehending, apprehensive, apprised, apprised of, assiduous, attentive, au courant, au fait, awake, awake to, aware of, awash, behind the curtain, behind the scenes, brimful, brimming, careful, chock-full, cognizant, cognizant of, comprehending, concentrated, conscious, conscious of, conversant, crammed, crowded, diligent, earnest, enlightened, finical, finicking, finicky, heedful, hep, hep to, hip, impressible, impressionable, impressive, in the know, in the secret, informed, informed of, insightful, intelligent, intense, intent, intentive, jammed, knowing, knowledgeable, let into, loaded, meticulous, mindful, mindful of, nice, niggling, no stranger to, observant, observing, omniscient, on the ball, on the job, on to, open-eared, open-eyed, openmouthed, packed, perceptive, percipient, perspicacious, posted, prehensile, privy to, receptive, regardful, sagacious, seized of, sensible, sensible of, sensible to, sensile, sensitive, sensitive to, sentient, shrewd, streetwise, stuffed, susceptible, susceptive, undeceived, understanding, ware, watchful, wise, wise to, witting,


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. (sometimes followed by `of') having or showing realization or perception; "was aware of his opponent's hostility"; "became aware of her surroundings"; "aware that he had exceeded the speed limit"
(synonym) aware(p)
(antonym) unaware
(similar) alert, alive(p), awake(p)
(see-also) awake(p)
(attribute) awareness, consciousness, cognizance, cognisance, knowingness
2. bearing in mind; attentive to; "ever mindful of her health"; "mindful of his responsibilities"; "mindful of these criticisms, I shall attempt to justify my action"
(synonym) mindful
(similar) careful, heedful
(attribute) mindfulness, heedfulness
3. aware or knowing; "a witting tool of the Communists"
(synonym) witting
4. (usually followed by `of') having knowledge or understanding; "our youth are cognizant of the law"; "I am well aware of his limitations"
(synonym) cognizant, cognisant, well aware(p), aware(p)
5. alert and fully informed; "politically aware"; "a knowing collector of rare books"; "the most...technically aware of the novelists under thirty"- W.S.Graham; "surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on"
(synonym) aware(p), knowing, knowledgeable
(similar) informed

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