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Synonym of Bell mouth

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Bell mouth
In Building services engineering and HVAC, a bell mouth is a tapered expanding or reducing opening in the end of a ventilation duct, so named because the taper can resemble that of a bell shape. They are primarily designed and used for return air or extract air purposes within building ventilation systems, more commonly located within ceiling voids or other similar plenum. The bellmouth cross sectional area is normally double that of the duct area, so that the air velocity entering the bellmouth is low (to reduce noise, turbulence and pressure drop), and gradually increases to the normal design velocity of the ductwork. The angle of the bellmouth is normally tapered at about 45° as a balance between keeping the bellmouth short without causing too much turbulence or excessive pressure drop. Bell mouths can be manufactured to suit either circular or rectangular ductwork sections.

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bell mouth
bell-mouth 喇叭口 钟形口

RDE- Dictionar EN-RO - cuvinte
bell mouth
mufa, manson; capat largit

Fundset Deutsch2Chinese(S)
[die] 扩张。扩大。喇叭口。半径。
dilatation, bell mouth

Military English-Ukrainian Lingvistica'98 dictionary
bell mouth
(n) розтруб

Victors - Dictionar Tehnic (Englez-Roman)
bell mouth
(ind.chim) evazare; capăt lărgit al unei ţevi; difuzor

Geology Science (M.M.Ma'leki)
دهانه شيپوري ، دهانه گشاد

Contratos, Construção Naval e Petróleo
Boca de sino
s. Bell mouth

Saída afunilada
Bell Mouth

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