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Synonym of Bells and whistles

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Bells and whistles
Bells and whistles refers to non-essential features, visual or functional, that are an enhancement to an object.

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Polskojezyczna Wikipedia - wolna encyklopedia
Wodotryski (ang. Bells and whistles, dosł. dzwonki i gwizdki) - żargonowe określenie zbytecznych cech programu komputerowego, dodawanych jedynie dla zaspokojenia ambicji autora, ale w zasadzie mało użytecznych z punktu widzenia podstawowych zadań programu. Termin pochodzi prawdopodobnie od muzycznych akcesoriów teatralnych.

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THE Eng-Cro Dictionary
bells and whistles

hFarsi - advanced version
bells and whistles

يک توضيح غير رسمى از ويژگى هاى بيشتر يک سيستم کامپيوترى که شامل گرافيک ،نمايش رنگى
کامپيوتر : صدا و دستگاههاى جانبى بيشتر است نواورى

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Dizionario inglese-italiano 1.0.012

MHM Advanced English > Persian (v. 90)
bells and whistles
يک توضيح غير رسمى از ويژگى هاى بيشتر يک سيستم کامپيوترى که شامل گرافيک ، نمايش رنگى
{کامپيوتر}: صدا و دستگاههاى جانبى بيشتر است نواورى

Babylon English-Turkish
bells and whistles
nitelikler ve ayrıntılar, bir programın ileri ve abartılı özellikleri

Babylon English
bells and whistles
advanced and extravagant attributes of a program

Babylon English-Arabic
bells and whistles
كماليات او مزايا غير ضرورية في برنامج الحاسوب

Babylon English-Hebrew
bells and whistles
צלצולים וצפצופים, תכונות מתקדמות ומוגזמות של תכנה

Babylon English-French
bells and whistles
toutes les options (cloches et sifflets), options et fonctionnalités ajoutées à un logiciel qui n'ont rien d'essentiel mais peuvent le rendre plus attrayant

Babylon English-Spanish
bells and whistles
Campaneos y silbidos, Cualidades avanzadas y exageradas del software

Babylon English-Italian
bells and whistles
Suoni e fischi (modo di dire quando trattasi di caratteristiche avanzate ed eccessive di un programma)

Babylon English-German
bells and whistles
klingeln und pfeifen, fortgeschrittene und überflüßige Eigenschaften eines Programms

Babylon English-Japanese
bells and whistles
ベルアンドホイッスル, アプリケーション開発者がユーザーを楽しませるために趣味的に追加するプログラム

Babylon English-Portuguese
bells and whistles
toques e sinos, características avançadas e exageradas de um programa

Babylon English-Dutch
bells and whistles
toeters en bellen, geavanceerde en overdreven eigenschappen van een programma

Babylon English-Danish
bells and whistles
bells and whistles, avancerede og ekstravagante attributter til et program

Babylon English-Swedish
bells and whistles
bjällror och tjut, onödiga avancerade egenskaper som läggs till en produkt för att göra den mer attraktiv

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
bells and whistles
= florituras, accesorios extras, adornos.
Ex: It should also be noted that the various input tags have bells and whistles not mentioned in this short tutorial.

all the bells and whistles
= todas las florituras, todos los accesorios extras, todos los adornos extras.
Ex: On the one hand, consumers want reliable software with all the bells and whistles and, on the other, they want that software to be affordable.

Babylon English-Chinese (S)
bells and whistles
特殊部分或性能; 产品附加的特色, 为使产品更动人附加的一些不必要的先进特色

Babylon English-Chinese (T)
bells and whistles
特殊部分或性能; 產品附加的特色

English 2 Arabic Glossary
bells and whistles

مزايا مساعدة غير أساسية

English-Croatian Dictionary
bells and whistles

My English - Greek
bells and whistles
Λεκτ. συν. προηγμένα και ελκυστικά χαρακτηριστικά προγράμματος (Η/Υ),//
τα έξτρα χαρακτηριστικά που κάνου κάτι ελκυστικό

Ivo Korytowski's English-Portuguese Translator's Dictionary version 19/3/13
bells and whistles
Livros de IK

Business English-Ukrainian Lingvistica'98 dictionary
bells and whistles
(n) сигнал при відкритті і закритті

bells and whistles
(See all the bells and whistles)

English Idioms WM 1.3a
bells and whistles
See all the bells and whistles

MONASH Marketing Dictionary
Bells and Whistles
the optional features built into a basic product to satisfy or impress as large as possible a number of buyers; the term "plain vanilla" is an equivalent slang term used to describe a product with only the most basic features.

Jargon File
bells and whistles
n. [common] Features added to a program or system to make it more flavorful from a hacker's point of view, without necessarily adding to its utility for its primary function. Distinguished from chrome, which is intended to attract users. "Now that we've got the basic program working, let's go back and add some bells and whistles." No one seems to know what distinguishes a bell from a whistle. The recognized emphatic form is "bells, whistles, and gongs".

It used to be thought that this term derived from the toyboxes on theater organs. However, the "and gongs" strongly suggests a different origin, at sea. Before powered horns, ships routinely used bells, whistles, and gongs to signal each other over longer distances than voice can carry.

Internet Glossary
Bells and Whistles
Fancy features provided by an application. Typically, the term refers to small features that are needed only in special cases or to features that make the program more visibly attractive (i.e., like real bells and whistles that are aimed at attracting your attention). Depending on the author, the term can be used either favorably or negatively. Many users and critics, for example, lament the increasing addition of bells and whistles that, they feel, make an application harder to learn and use without providing commensurate new functionality.

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