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Synonym of Biopsychosocial

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Biopsychosocial model
The biopsychosocial model (abbreviated "BPS") is a general model or approach stating that biologicalpsychological (which entails thoughts, emotions, and behaviors), and social (socio-economical, socio-environmental, and cultural) factors, all play a significant role in human functioning in the context of disease or illness. Indeed, health is best understood in terms of a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors rather than purely in biological terms. This is in contrast to the biomedical model of medicine that suggests every disease process can be explained in terms of an underlying deviation from normal function such as a virus, gene or developmental abnormality, or injury. The concept is used in fields such as medicinenursinghealth psychology and sociology, and particularly in more specialist fields such as psychiatryhealth psychologyfamily therapychiropracticclinical social work, and clinical psychology. The biopsychosocial paradigm is also a technical term for the popular concept of the "mind–body connection", which addresses more philosophical arguments between the biopsychosocial and biomedical models, rather than their empirical exploration and clinical application.

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Modèle bio-psycho-social
Le modèle bio-psycho-social, en médecine, est une approche théorique et pratique proposé par le médecin psychiatre Engel qui veut prendre en compte des facteurs psychologiquesociale et biologique des pathologies. Elle s'oppose à une lecture exclusive via un modèle biomédicalpsychologique ou anti-psychiatrique.

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