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Synonym of Categorical data

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Categorical variable
In statistics, a categorical variable is a variable that can take on one of a limited, and usually fixed, number of possible values, thus assigning each individual to a particular group or "category." In computer science and some branches of mathematics, categorical variables are referred to as enumerations or enumerated types. Commonly (though not in this article), each of the possible values of a categorical variable is referred to as a level. The probability distribution associated with a random categorical variable is called a categorical distribution.

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categorical data
计数资料 分类数据

Mathematics Glossary - Mohammad Reza Majidee
categorical data
داده‌هاي رسته‌اي

categorical data
داده‌هاي رسته‌اي

Statistiques (Anglais => Français)

categorical variable => variable non-numérique (qualiative) mesurée sur une échelle nominale (discrète) comme par exemple le genre, les traitements médicamenteux, les sous-types d'une typologie
ou bien => échelle ordinale comme par exemple "de bas, moyen, haut niveau".
categorical data
=> données ordinales ou qualitatives

De telles variables s'opposent aux "variables quantitatives" (continues ou discrètes).

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