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Synonym of Corporatize

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Corporatization is the process of transforming state assets, government agencies, or municipal organizations into corporations. It refers to a restructuring of government and public organizations into joint-stock, publicly listed companies in order to introduce corporate and business management techniques to their administration. The result of corporatization is the creation of state-owned corporations where the government retains a majority ownership of the corporation's stock. However, in many cases, corporatization is a precursor to partial or full privatization, which involves a process where formerly public functions and public enterprises are sold to private business entities by listing their shares on publicly traded stock exchanges.

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MHM Advanced English > Persian (v. 90)
(= corporatise)

Babylon English-Turkish
corporatize (Amer.)
f. özelleştirmek, büyük işletme haline gelmek; bir şirketin kontrolü altında olmak (ayrıca corporatise)

Babylon English
corporatize (Amer.)
v. grow into a big business; subject to the control of a corporation (also corporatise)

Babylon English-Arabic
corporatize (Amer.)
ف. يخصخص, النمو في شركة كبيرة; الخضوع للتحكم في إطار شركة (أيضًا corporatise)

Babylon English-Hebrew
corporatize (Amer.)
(פ') להתפתח ולגדול לעסק גדול; לשים תחת שליטה של תאגיד (גם corporatise)

Babylon English-French
corporatize (Amer.)
v. corporatiser, se transformer en grande corporation; soumettre au contrôle d’une corporation

Babylon English-Spanish
corporatize (Amer.)
v. convertirse en un gran negocio, bajo el control de una sociedad anónima (también corporatise)

Babylon English-Italian
corporatize (Amer.)
v. diventare un gruppo aziendale; rivatizzare, mettere sotto il controllo di un gruppo aziendale (Economia)

Babylon English-German
corporatize (Amer.)
v. in ein großes Geschäft wachsen; der Kontrolle eines großen Unternehmens unterliegen

Babylon English-Danish
corporatize (Amer.)
v. privatisere, udvikle sig til en stor virksomhed; udsætte for kontrol af en korporation (også stavet corporatize)

Babylon English-Norwegian
corporatize (Amer.)
v. vokse til et stort selskap; som er undergitt kontroll av et selskap

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
corporatise [corporatize, -USA]
(v.) = reorganizar como una corporación, corporizar.
Ex: There is a decreasing number of such agencies as governments privatize and corporatize.

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