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Synonym of Dispositive

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Dispositive motion
In law, a dispositive motion is a motion seeking a trial court order entirely disposing of all or part of the claims in favor of the moving party without need for further trial court proceedings. "To dispose" of a claim means to decide the claim in favor of one or another party. As a lawsuit may comprise numerous claims made by and against numerous parties, not every dispositive motion seeks to dispose of the entire lawsuit. In the U.S., the most common type of dispositive motions seeking to dispose of the entire lawsuit are those for summary judgment. Many U.S. state jurisdictions also provide for a "partial summary judgment" or motion for "summary adjudication of issues" which only seeks to dispose of part of a lawsuit. See, e.g., California Code of Civil Procedure section 437c(f)(1). Regardless whether the dispositive motion is for summary judgment or adjudication, the motion must be supported by declarations under oath, excerpts from depositions which are also under oath, admissions of fact by the opposing party and other discovery such as interrogatories, as well as a legal argument (points and authorities). The other party may respond with counter-declarations, discovery responses, and legal arguments attempting to show that these issues were "triable issues of fact." If there is any question as to whether there is conflict on the facts on an issue, the summary judgment or adjudication must be denied regarding that matter.

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Dizionario inglese-italiano 1.0.012

hEnglish - advanced version

\dis*pos"i*tive\ (?), a. [cf. f. dispositif.]
1. disposing; tending to regulate; decretive. [obs.] his dispositive wisdom and power.
2. belonging to disposition or natural, tendency. [obs.] "dispositive holiness." taylor.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Disposing; tending to regulate; decretive.
Belonging to disposition or natural, tendency.

Babylon English-Japanese
(形) 方向を決定する

English-Russian Lingvistica'98 dictionary
(a) настраивающий; располагающий

English To Urdu Lughat
Eng: dispositive
Urdu: برتاو کرنے والا

Dictionario Interlingua - Nederlandese
beschikkend, voorschriften gevend

Dictionario Interlingua-Polonese
(poner = kłaść, stawiać) oboczność tematu czasownikowego

czas. dysponować, rozporządzać; rozdzielać

adj dispositive (= pertaining to the disposal or disposition of something)

French (and/or English) to Pârsi (Persian) epistemological Dict. (Latin chars)
Av. 1615; adj., «qui prépare», 1314; dér. sav. du lat. dispositus, supin de disponere. =>Disposer
frâ-ham-kon-anda (târixi)

Mokhtari Law Dict. (v1.0)
dispositive part (of an award) (var. dispository part)
عبارت حکم، حکم به معني اخص

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