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Synonym of Divided

Divided Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
alienated, bifurcated, bisected, branched, branching, cleft, cloven, detached, dichotomous, dimidiate, disaffected, disarticulated, disconnected, disengaged, disjoined, disjoint, disjointed, disjunct, dislocated, dispersed, disunited, divorced, estranged, forked, forking, halved, irreconcilable, isolated, ramified, removed, riven, scattered, segregated, separated, sequestered, shut off, split, torn,


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. separated into parts or pieces; "opinions are divided"
(antonym) united
(similar) apart(p), separate, separated
(see-also) distributive
2. having a median strip or island between lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions; "a divided highway"
(synonym) dual-lane
(similar) multilane
3. distributed in portions (often equal) on the basis of a plan or purpose
(synonym) divided up, shared, shared out
(similar) distributed


1. a serious disagreement between two groups of people (typically producing tension or hostility)
(hypernym) disagreement, dissension, dissonance
2. a ridge of land that separates two adjacent river systems
(synonym) watershed, water parting
(hypernym) line
(hyponym) continental divide
(derivation) separate

1. separate into parts or portions; "divide the cake into three equal parts"; "The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I"
(synonym) split, split up, separate, dissever, carve up
(antonym) unite, unify
(hypernym) change integrity
(hyponym) subdivide
(derivation) division
2. perform a division; "Can you divide 49 by seven?"
(synonym) fraction
(antonym) multiply
(hypernym) calculate, cipher, cypher, compute, work out, reckon, figure
(hyponym) halve
(derivation) division
(classification) arithmetic
3. act as a barrier between; stand between; "The mountain range divides the two countries"
(synonym) separate
(derivation) watershed, water parting
4. come apart; "The two pieces that we had glued separated"
(synonym) separate, part
(hypernym) change
(hyponym) subdivide
5. make a division or separation
(synonym) separate
(hyponym) partition, zone
(derivation) division, partition, partitioning, segmentation, sectionalization, sectionalisation
6. force, take, or pull apart; "He separated the fighting children"; "Moses parted the Red Sea"
(synonym) separate, disunite, part
(hypernym) move, displace
(hyponym) compartmentalize, compartmentalise, cut up
(cause) separate, part

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