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Synonym of Either way

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Either Way
Either Way may refer to:

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Hybrid offence
A hybrid offence, dual offence, Crown option offence, dual procedure offence, or wobbler is one of the special class offences in the common law jurisdictions where the case may be prosecuted either summarily or as indictment. In the United States, an alternative misdemeanor/felony offense (colloquially known as a wobbler) lists both county jail (misdemeanor sentence) and state prison (felony sentence) as possible punishment.

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Wikipédia en français - L'encyclopédie libre
Infraction mixte
Une infraction mixte, ou une infraction sujette à option, est une catégorie d'infraction criminelle dans les systèmes juridiques de la common law par laquelle une poursuite judiciaire peut être intentée, soit par voie sommaire de déclaration de la culpabilité, soit par voie de mise en accusation.

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Universal Word: Hindi Essential
कैसे भी करें
[ kaise bhī kareṁ || kaise bhi karen ]
either way

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
either way1
= de un modo o de otro.
Ex: I don't feel partial either way but if I were a public librarian I think I would take exception to the idea that there was some kind of common plebeian form which I could use.

either way2
= de cualquier modo.
Ex: This mission may exist in the mind of one or more persons or actually be written on paper; either way, this subjective sense of 'why' is universally in place.

Babylon English-Russian
either way
и так и эдак

English-German Online Dictionary
wechselseitig, duplex

English-Hungarian Dictionary
either way
akár így akár úgy, így is úgy is

English/Russian - Mueller24
either way
и так и этак

Diccionari Anglès - Català
either way
loc de qualsevol de les maneres

Ivo Korytowski's English-Portuguese Translator's Dictionary version 19/3/13
either way
em ambos os casos, de qualquer jeito/maneira/modo
Livros de IK

either way
akár így akár úgy; így is úgy is

either way
в любом случае; так или иначе

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