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Synonym of Emotional stability

hFarsi - advanced version
emotional stability

روانشناسى : استوارى هيجانى

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کلمات مرتبط(emotional stability):

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MHM Advanced English > Persian (v. 90)
emotional stability
{روان شناسى}: استوارى هيجانى

Glossary of Significant Concepts in Parental Acceptance-Rejection Theory
Emotional stability
Individuals' steadiness of mood, their ability to withstand minor setbacks, failures, difficulties, and other stresses without becoming upset emotionally. Emotionally stable persons tolerate minor stresses and strains of day to day living without becoming emotionally upset, anxious, nervous, tense, or angry. They are able to maintain composure under minor emotional stress. They are fairly constant in their basic mood, and they generally revert quickly to that state following those occasions when they have experienced considerable stress or have been exceptionally provoked. The unstable person, on the other hand, is subject to fairly wide, frequent, and often unpredictable mood shifts that may swing from pole to pole. (See acceptance-rejection syndrome; personality subtheory

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