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Synonym of Free energy

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Free energy
Free energy may refer to:
In science: In economics:
  • Energy from sources that do not require an input which has to be paid for, (usually a sub-set of renewable energy)
In pseudoscience:
  • Free energy device
    • a hypothetical perpetual motion device that creates energy, thereby contradicting the laws of thermodynamics
In popular culture:
  • Free energy suppression, a conspiracy theory that advanced energy technologies are being suppressed by governments and/or special interest groups
In music:

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hFarsi - advanced version
free energy

شيمى : انرژى ازاد

کلمات مرتبط(2) 

کلمات مرتبط(free energy):

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MHM Advanced English > Persian (v. 90)
free energy
[.n]: {شيمى}: انرژى ازاد

Babylon English-Turkish
free energy
serbest enerji, kimyasal veya mekanik işlem tarafından üretilebilen maksimum enerji miktarı

Babylon English
free energy
maximum amount of energy which can be produced from a chemical or mechanical process

Babylon English-Arabic
free energy
طاقة حرة, الحد الاقصى للطاقة الذي يمكن انتاجه من عملية كيميائية او ميكانيكية

Babylon English-Hebrew
free energy
אנרגיה חופשית (מקסימום העבודה שניתן להפיק מתהליך כימי או מכני)

Babylon English-French
free energy
une énergie libre (travail maximum que l'on peut réaliser dans un processus chimique ou mécanique)

Babylon English-Spanish
free energy
energía libre (máximo de trabajo que se puede obtener de un proceso químico o mecánico)

Babylon English-Italian
free energy
energia libera (la quantità massima di lavoro utilizzata in un processo chimico o meccanico)

Babylon English-German
free energy
freie Energie (maximale Ausnutzung von einem chemischen oder mechanischen Prozeß)

Babylon English-Japanese
free energy

Babylon English-Portuguese
free energy
energia livre (máximo de trabalho que pode-se tirar de um processo químico ou mecânico)

Babylon English-Dutch
free energy
vrije energie (maximale arbeid dat verkregen wordt uit chemisch of mechanisch proces)

Babylon English-Danish
free energy
fri energi, maksimale mængde energi der kan produceres fra en kemisk eller mekanisk proces

free energy
‎ طاقَةٌ حُرَّة‎

.:Mas_NDon English Indonesian Dictionary
free energy
energi bebas
my child #06

Babylon English-Swedish
free energy
fri energi (den maximala mängden energi som kan framställas på kemisk eller mekanisk väg)

English To Urdu Lughat
free energy
Eng: free energy
Urdu: کِسی نِظام کی مجمُوعی توانائی کا وہ حِصَّہ جو کام کے لیے اِستعمال کیا جا سکتا ہو ۔

Babylon English-Chinese (S)
free energy

Babylon English-Chinese (T)
free energy

Mustafa YILDIZ's English to Turkish Dictionary
free energy
serbest enerji, erkin erke

Global Glossary (EN-US~PT-BR)
free energy
[física] s. energia livre, f.

Glosarium Pusat Bahasa Depdiknas Indonesia
free energy
B: (Kimia) energi bebas

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B: (Fisika) tenaga bebas

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free energy
energía libre

SEDC Chemical Dictionary En-Ar
free energy

طاقة حرة‏


Textile Glossary En 2 Fa
Free energy
انرژي آزاد

Biology Glossary
free energy
انرژی آزاد

English-Turkish Textile Terms Dictionary
free energy
serbest enerji

General Chemistry Glossary
free energy
Energy that is actually available to do useful work. A decrease in free energy accompanies any spontaneous process . Free energy does not change for systems that are at equilibrium .

Materials Science and Engineering Glossary of Terms
free energy
a thermodynamic quantity that is a function of both the internal energy and entropy (or randomness) of a system; at equilibrium the free energy is at a minimum.

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