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Synonym of Fully booked

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Fully Booked
Fully Booked was a magazine show for children produced by BBC Scotland and broadcast from 1995 to 1999, and in revised form as FBi in 2000. The show was a summer-time replacement for Live & Kicking, which would normally not broadcast over the summer months. However, only the first series of Fully Booked and FBi actually went out on Saturdays, with all other series broadcast on Sundays.

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Babylon English-Turkish
fully booked
tamamen dolu, tam dolu veya ayırtılmış, tamamen yükümlülüklerle göre lanlanmış

Babylon English
fully booked
completely full or reserved, fully scheduled with engagements

Babylon English-Arabic
fully booked
محجوز بالكامل

Babylon English-Hebrew
fully booked
בתפוסה מלאה

Babylon English-French
fully booked
en pleine capacité de production

Babylon English-Spanish
fully booked
Registro completo

Babylon English-Italian
fully booked
pieno (hotel)

Babylon English-German
fully booked

Babylon English-Japanese
fully booked
全て予約済みの, 全て予約された

Babylon English-Portuguese
fully booked
completamente lotado

Babylon English-Dutch
fully booked

Babylon English-Danish
fully booked
fuldt reserveret; fuldt planlagt med engagementer

Babylon English-Swedish
fully booked

English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
fully booked
completamente copado, completamente reservado

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fully booked

English-French Online Dictionary
fully booked

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fully booked

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