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Synonym of Give a chance

Babylon English-Turkish
give a chance
şans tanımak

Babylon English
give a chance
provide an opportunity to

Babylon English-Arabic
give a chance
منح فرصة

Babylon English-Hebrew
give a chance
לתת הזדמנות, לתת צ'אנס

Babylon English-French
give a chance
donner la chance

Babylon English-Spanish
give a chance
dar oportunidad, dar chance

Babylon English-Italian
give a chance
dare a qualcuno una possibilita

Babylon English-German
give a chance
eine Chance geben

Babylon English-Japanese
give a chance

Babylon English-Portuguese
give a chance
dar uma chance

Babylon English-Dutch
give a chance
een kans geven

Babylon English-Danish
give a chance
give en chance, give en mulighed

Babylon English-Swedish
give a chance
ge en chans

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
give + Nombre + a chance
(v.) = dar la oportunidad.
Ex: At St David's College, for example, arts graduates are given the chance to examine the sociological effects of the burgeoning technology.

English-Persian (Alefbā-ye 2om, 2nd Persian Alphabet)
give a chance
forsat dādan

His muscles can have a chance to rest.
Sus músculos pueden tener una oportunidad (ocasión, posibilidad) de descansar.
But you start to give me a chance to ...
Pero empieza a darme la oportunidad para ...

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