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Synonym of Hard to find

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Hard to Find
Hard to Find may refer to:
  • "Hard to Find", a song by The American Analog Set from their 2003 album Promise of Love
  • "Hard to Find", a song by Skillet from their 2013 album Rise

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English-Russian Lingvistica'98 dictionary
hard to find
(a) дефицитный

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
be hard to find
(v.) = ser difícil de encontrar.
Ex: Serial specialists are hard to find.

(adj.) = difícil de encontrar.
Ex: To facilitate access to hard-to-find materials the library staff produces 3 indexes.

Англи-Монгол толь -
adj. ховордсон, хомс

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