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Synonym of Middle-brow

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
The term middlebrow describes both a certain type of easily accessible art, often literature, as well as (more negatively) the population that uses art to acquire culture and class that is usually unattainable. First used by the British satire magazine Punch in 1925, middlebrow is derived as the intermediary between highbrow and lowbrow, terms derived from phrenology. Middlebrow has famously gained notoriety from derisive attacks by Dwight MacdonaldVirginia Woolf, and (to a certain extent) Russell Lynes – attacks that served the cause of modernist marginalization of the popular in favor of "high art". The middlebrow in this light is classed as a forced and ineffective attempt at cultural and intellectual achievement, as well as characterizing literature that emphasizes emotional and sentimental connections rather than literary quality and innovation; though postmodernism has been more prepared to see the advantages of a middlebrow position aware of high culture but able to balance its claims with those of the everyday world.

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  • tính từ
    • (nói về người) có trình độ hiểu biết vừa phải

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    tính từ

    (nói về người) có trình độ hiểu biết vừa phải 

    An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
    middlebrow1 [middle-brow]
    (n.) = persona con nivel cultural medio, persona medianamente cultivada.

    Def: Nombre.
    Ex: People with a grade-school education, most of whose reading choices are in the low-brow category, cannot and do not easily read material written for the high-brow or even the increasingly college-trained middle-brow.

    middlebrow2 [middle-brow]
    (adj.) = de nivel cultural medio, de nivel intelectual medio, medianamente cultivado.
    Ex: These shows were vehemently dismissed by critics as middlebrow and lowbrow kitsch.
    * middlebrow culture = cultura de la clase media.

    English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
    nivel cultural medio

    English-Hungarian Dictionary
    közepesen művelt, átlagos ízlésű

    Especially for Terry --English to Bulgarian_2
    ['midlbrau] 1. а без особени интелектуални интереси; 2. п

    Ivo Korytowski's English-Portuguese Translator's Dictionary version 19/3/13
    de nível cultura médio, convencional (middle-brow taste of the middle classes)
    Livros de IK

    Angol-Magyar / English-Hungarian
    átlagos ízlésû,közepesen mûvelt

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