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Synonym of Narrow-minded

Narrow-minded Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
narrow minded
Synonyms and related words:
authoritarian, bigot, bigoted, borne, closed, constricted, cramped, creedbound, deaf, deaf to reason, fanatical, hidebound, illiberal, insular, little, little-minded, mean, mean-minded, mean-spirited, narrow, narrow-hearted, narrow-souled, narrow-spirited, nearsighted, parochial, petty, provincial, purblind, shortsighted, small, small-minded, straitlaced, stuffy, uncatholic, uncharitable, ungenerous, unliberal

Synonyms and related words:
biased, bigoted, conservative, conventional, fundamentalist, hidebound, illiberal, intolerant, mean-minded, mean-spirited, narrow, narrow-spirited, old-fashioned, old-fogyish, one-sided, opinionated, parochial, pettifogging, petty, prejudiced, puritanical, reactionary, small-minded, square, stiff-necked, strait-laced, stuffy, unprogressive


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. capable of being shocked
(synonym) shockable
2. lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view; "a brilliant but narrow-minded judge"; "narrow opinions"
(synonym) narrow
(antonym) broad-minded
(similar) close-minded, closed-minded
(see-also) narrow
3. rigidly adhering to a particular sect or its doctrines
(similar) sectarian

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