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Synonym of Never give up

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Never Give Up
Never Give Up may refer to:

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Never Give Up!
is a shojo manga by Hiromu Mutou. The story is about a girl named Kiri, who poses as a male model in order to protect her childhood love, a boy named Tohya. Kiri has always looked masculine, inheriting the looks of her fashion-model father. Tohya, on the other hand, has always been revered for his beautiful looks and delicate features. Never feeling worthy enough for Tohya because of her looks, Kiri vowed she would reveal her true feelings to Tohya once she becomes as beautiful as a "princess".

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Wikipedia in italiano - l'enciclopedia libera
Never Give Up
Never Give Up, è il secondo singolo di Whitney Houston estratto dall'album postumo I Will Always Love You: The Best of Whitney Houston.

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Babylon English-Japanese
never give up

Tagalog na Wikipedia - ang malayang encyclopedia
Never Give Up!
Ang Never Give Up! ay isang seryeng manga at anime.

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JM Danish Encyclopedia
Never give up
"Giv aldrig op".

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