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Synonym of Not only but also

English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Not Only... But Also
Not Only... But Also was a popular 1960s BBC British television series starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

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Universal Word: Hindi Essential
ना केवल...बल्कि...भी
[ nā kevalabalkibhī || na keval...balki...bhi ]
not only...but also

RDE- Dictionar EN-RO - cuvinte
not only .. but also numai.. ci si..

not only.. but (also)
nu numai.. ci si..

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
not only ... but also ...
= no sólo ... sino también ....
Ex: This translation will involve not only labelling the subject, but possibly also indicating related subjects, as has been discussed earlier.

English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
not only but also
no sólo___ sino que también

English-German Online Dictionary
not only...but also
nicht nur...sondern auch

Babylon English-Korean
not only ... but also
부. ...뿐만 아니라 ...도 또한

English-French Online Dictionary
not only but also
ne pas que

non solmente... ma anque

English-Luxembourgish Dictionary
not only ... but also
conj - souwuel ... wéi och -

ELIF - Phrasal Idiom
Not only ... but also
Sadece...değil . keza. Yalnızca . değil, aynı zamanda da

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