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Synonym of Pay attention

Moby Thesaurus
pay attention
Synonyms and related words:
address, advert to, attend to, attend to business, be alert, be aware of, be concerned, be engrossed in, be obsessed with, beau, care, chase, concentrate on, consider, court, drink in, esquire, fix on, focus on, follow, give heed, give heed to, give mind to, give thought to, heed, lay siege to, look lively, look out, look sharp, look to, make suit to, mind, miss nothing, not forget, pay attention to, pay court to, pay heed, pay regard to, pursue, reck, regard, scrutinize, see to, serenade, spark, squire, study, sue, swain, sweetheart, take an interest, take care, take heed, think, turn to, watch out, woo

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