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Synonym of Played a role

Babylon English
played a role
filled a role, played a part, acted the role of

Babylon English-Arabic
played a role
لعب دورًا, أتم دورًا, قام بتمثيل دور

Babylon English-Hebrew
played a role
מילא תפקיד, שיחק תפקיד

Babylon English-French
played a role
a joué un rôle

Babylon English-Spanish
played a role
actuó en rol

Babylon English-Italian
played a role
ha recitato la parte

Babylon English-German
played a role
spielte eine Rolle, spielte eine Figur; spielte eine Funktion (beeinflußte Verlauf)

Babylon English-Japanese
played a role
役割を満たした, 役割を果たした, 役割を演じた

Babylon English-Portuguese
played a role
teve uma função, participou

Babylon English-Dutch
played a role
speelde een rol

Babylon English-Danish
played a role
spillede en rolle, udfyldte en rolle, spillede rollen som

Babylon English-Swedish
played a role
spelade en roll

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
play + a role
(v.) = desempeñar una función, jugar un papel, desempeñar un papel.
Ex: Role operators reflect the role that each concept plays in the context of this particular subject.

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