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Synonym of Pragmatic

Pragmatic Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
Cyrenaic, Eleatic, Epicurean, Megarian, Stoic, advantageous, animist, animistic, appropriate, atomistic, balanced, banausic, beneficial, commodious, commonsense, cool, coolheaded, cosmotheistic, down-to-earth, earthy, eclectic, effective, effectual, efficient, empirical, employable, eudaemonistic, existential, expedient, feasible, fitting, functional, good for, hard, hard-boiled, hardheaded, hedonic, hedonist, hedonistic, helpful, humanist, humanistic, idealistic, instrumentalist, levelheaded, logical, materialistic, matter-of-fact, mechanistic, metaphysical, monistic, naturalistic, nominalist, of general utility, of help, of service, of use, operable, panlogistical, pantheistic, philosophical, positivist, positivistic, practicable, practical, practical-minded, pragmatical, pragmatist, proper, rational, rationalistic, realist, realistic, realizable, reasonable, sane, scholastic, scientific, scientistic, secular, sensationalistic, sensible, serviceable, sober, sober-minded, sound, sound-thinking, straight-thinking, syncretistic, theistic, transcendentalist, transcendentalistic, unideal, unidealistic, unromantic, unsentimental, useful, utilitarian, vitalistic, voluntarist, voluntaristic, well-balanced, workable, worldly


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. concerned with practical matters; "a matter-of-fact (or pragmatic) approach to the problem"; "a matter-of-fact account of the trip"
(synonym) matter-of-fact, pragmatical
(similar) practical
2. of or concerning the theory of pragmatism
(synonym) pragmatical
(pertainym) pragmatism
3. guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory; "a hardheaded appraisal of our position"; "a hard-nosed labor leader"; "completely practical in his approach to business"; "not ideology but pragmatic politics"
(synonym) hardheaded, hard-nosed, practical
(similar) realistic

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