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Synonym of Putting together

THE Eng-Cro Dictionary
putting together

Babylon English
putting together
connecting, assembling, attaching, fastening

put together
v. assemble; compile; arrange
adj. assembled; compiled; presented

Babylon English-Hebrew
putting together
צירוף, חיבור, הרכבה

put together
(פ') להרכיב; לאסוף; לסדר
(ת') מורכב; אסוף; שמוצג

Babylon English-French
putting together
assemblage, liaison, montage

put together
v. assembler, compiler; arranger
adj. assemblé, compilé; présenté

Babylon English-Spanish
putting together
Combinación, Composición

put together
v. montaje, compilar, organizar
adj. reunidos, compilado, presentado

Babylon English-Italian
putting together
mettere insieme, comporre; collegare

put together
v. assemblare, mettere insieme; compilare; organizzare, ordinare, accomodare
agg. assemblato; presente

Babylon English-German
putting together
zusammensetzen; erstellen; ausführen

put together
v. sammeln; zusammenstellen; aufbauen
adj. Zusammengesetzt; auflesend; vorgestellt

Babylon English-Japanese
putting together
総合, 綜合

Babylon English-Portuguese
putting together
combinação, ligação, montagem

Babylon English-Dutch
putting together

Babylon English-Swedish
putting together
sammansättning, hopsättning

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
put together1
(v.) = agrupar, compilar, juntar, reunir, armar, montar, ensamblar, elaborar.
Ex: The way in which this scheme is put together in book form often causes some confusion at first.

put together2
(v.) = organizar, preparar.
Ex: I have many people to acknowledge, beginning with my co-editor who offered untiring support and many useful suggestions in putting together the institutes.

put together4
(v.) = hacer Algo rápidamente.
Ex: People needed housing, and providing this was left to jerry-builders who put together cheap flimsy dwellings that soon fell into disrepair.

English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
put together
v.- integrar, crear, componer, organizar, preparar, mezclar, elaborar, ensamblar, compilar, agrupar
- en su conjunto, a la vez

English-German Online Dictionary
putting together

English-Croatian Dictionary
putting together

Diccionari Anglès - Català
put together
v muntar

put together
1 [machine, tool] ensamblar
[team] reunir; [report] elaborar.
2 [combine] mezclar.
3 [organize - together event] organizar.

English-Frenkisch Dictionary
put together
v. = tousamenstelle, forme

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