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Synonym of Received

Received Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
Christian, accepted, acclaimed, acknowledged, admired, admitted, advocated, affirmed, allowed, applauded, approved, authentic, authenticated, authoritative, avowed, backed, being done, believed, canonical, cathedral, certified, comme il faut, conceded, confessed, confirmed, conformable, consuetudinary, conventional, correct, countersigned, credited, cried up, current, customary, de rigueur, decent, decorous, endorsed, established, evangelical, everyday, ex cathedra, faithful, familiar, favored, favorite, firm, fixed, folk, formal, generally accepted, granted, hallowed, handed down, heroic, highly touted, hoary, immemorial, in good odor, inveterate, legendary, literal, long-established, long-standing, magisterial, meet, mythological, normal, notarized, obtaining, of long standing, of the faith, of the folk, official, oral, ordinary, orthodox, orthodoxical, popular, prescribed, prescriptive, prevalent, professed, proper, ratified, recognized, recommended, regular, regulation, right, rooted, sanctioned, scriptural, sealed, seemly, set, signed, sound, stamped, standard, stock, supported, sworn and affirmed, sworn to, textual, time-honored, traditional, traditionalistic, tried and true, TRUE, true-blue, trusted, uncontested, understood, underwritten, undisputed, undoubted, unquestioned, unsuspected, unwritten, usual, validated, venerable, warranted, well-thought-of, widespread, wonted, worshipful


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. conforming to the established language usage of educated native speakers; "standard English" (American); "received standard English is sometimes called the King's English" (British)
(synonym) standard
(similar) acceptable, accepted
(classification) linguistics
2. widely accepted as true or worthy; "the accepted wisdom about old age"; "a received moral idea"; "Received political wisdom says not; surveys show otherwise"- Economist
(synonym) accepted
(similar) conventional


1. get something; come into possession of; "receive payment"; "receive a gift"; "receive letters from the front"
(synonym) have
(hypernym) get, acquire
(hyponym) take in, take up
(verb-group) accept, take, have
(derivation) reception, receipt
2. receive a specified treatment (abstract); "These aspects of civilization do not find expression or receive an interpretation"; "His movie received a good review"; "I got nothing but trouble for my good intentions"
(synonym) get, find, obtain, incur
(hypernym) change
(hyponym) take
(verb-group) get, acquire
3. recieve (perceptual input); "pick up a signal"
(synonym) pick up
(hypernym) perceive, comprehend
(hyponym) hear
(derivation) receiver, receiving system
4. of mental or physical states or experiences; "get an idea"; "experience vertigo"; "get nauseous"; "undergo a strange sensation"; "The chemical undergoes a sudden change"; "The fluid undergoes shear"; "receive injuries"; "have a feeling"
(synonym) experience, have, get, undergo
(hyponym) respire
(entail) perceive, comprehend
5. express willingness to have in one's home or environs; "The community warmly received the refugees"
(synonym) take in, invite
(hyponym) welcome
6. accept as true or valid; "He received Christ"
(hypernym) accept
7. bid welcome to; greet upon arrival
(synonym) welcome
(hypernym) greet, recognize, recognise
8. convert into sounds or pictures; "receive the incoming radio signals"
(hypernym) convert
(derivation) receiver, receiving system
9. experience as a reaction; "My proposal met with much opposition"
(synonym) meet, encounter
(hypernym) have, experience
10. have or give a reception; "The lady is receiving Sunday morning"
(hypernym) celebrate, fete
(derivation) reception
11. receive as a retribution or punishment; "He got 5 years in prison"
(synonym) get
(verb-group) catch, get
12. partake of the Holy Eucharist sacrament
(hypernym) partake, touch
(classification) Christianity, Christian religion
13. regard favorably or with disapproval; "Her new collection of poems was not well received"
(hypernym) see, consider, reckon, view, regard

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