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Synonym of Reversion to type

RDE- Dictionar EN-RO - cuvinte
reversion to type
(vezi) reversion 3.

Babylon English-Russian
reversion to type

English-Hungarian Dictionary
reversion to type

reversion to type

Atavism [from Latin atavus ancestor] In biology, the reappearance of the characteristics of a remoter ancestor in its descendant; reversion to type; delayed heredity. A manifestation of the activities of life or the life-atoms collectively, which in building new forms "copies family resemblances as well as those it finds impressed in the aura of the generators of every future human being" (SD 1:261). Weismann approached the truth in his theory of the germ-plasm, or aggregate of life-atoms which are transmitted unchanged through generations; but the atom is the vehicle of a jiva or monad -- on whatever plane -- and is therefore endowed with spirit and soul and, in consequence, memory.
Certain morbid growths in the human body, such as cancer, indicate a reversion of the life-atoms that animate the cells to a pristine habit; for there was a time when the human organism reproduced itself by that method of budding now seen only in far lowlier organisms. The psychic equivalent of this is a loss of control by the directing will and intelligence over the instinctual and emotional elements which normally are subordinate factors in the human make-up.
The tendency of specialized animal or plant species to revert to their primitive racial type conflicts with the Darwinian idea that changes result from the gradual accretion of small differentiations. Scientists see heredity as a string of beads, connected one to the other without any thread running through the whole; whereas the theosophical philosophy regards each bead as springing from the connecting vital thread or line, so that the characteristics of all ancestors may be transmitted in latency, ready to appear at any time, should circumstances favor it.

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