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Synonym of Room for manoeuvre

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
room for manoeuvre
(n.) = margen de maniobra, libertad de maniobra.
Ex: It is this combination of vertical and horizontal autonomy which effectively determines the local room for manoeuvre in decision-making.

Fundset Deutsch2Chinese(S)
[der] 活动余地。回旋余地。
room for manoeuvre, room for maneuver, action scope, scope of action

French (and/or English) to Pârsi (Persian) epistemological Dict. (Latin chars)
marge de manœuvre
eng. room for manoeuvre
(gostara ye )jowlân-gâh
dast/maydân e bâz
fra. limiter la marge de manoeuvre : dast-o-pâ bastan

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