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Synonym of Sorry

Sorry Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
abject, apologetic, ashamed, bad, base, base-minded, beggarly, beneath contempt, beneath one, cheap, cheerless, cheesy, common, compunctious, conscience-smitten, conscience-stricken, contemptible, contrite, crummy, debasing, degrading, demeaning, deplorable, depressing, despicable, discontented, disgraceful, dismal, full of remorse, gaudy, gimcracky, grim, gutter, heavyhearted, humiliating, humiliative, humorless, ignoble, ill-starred, in bad humor, inadequate, infestive, infra dig, infra indignitatem, joyless, low, low-minded, mean, melancholy, meretricious, mirthless, miserable, opprobrious, out of humor, out of sorts, outrageous, paltry, pathetic, penitent, penitential, pitiable, pitiful, pleasureless, poor, regretful, remorseful, repentant, repining, rubbishy, rueful, sad, saddened, scandalous, scrubby, scruffy, scummy, scurvy, scuzzy, self-accusing, self-condemning, self-convicting, self-debasing, self-flagellating, self-humiliating, self-punishing, self-reproaching, shabby, shamefaced, shamefast, shameful, shocking, shoddy, sordid, sorrowful, sorryish, star-crossed, stark, too bad, trashy, trifling, trumpery, two-for-a-cent, two-for-a-penny, twopenny, twopenny-halfpenny, unbecoming, uncheerful, uncheery, unhappy, unhappy about, unjoyful, unmirthful, unsmiling, unworthy of one, valueless, vile, wistful, worthless, wretched


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. keenly sorry or regretful; "felt bad about letting the team down"; "was sorry that she had treated him so badly"; "felt bad about breaking the vase"
(synonym) bad
(similar) unhappy
2. feeling or expressing sorrow or pity; "a pitying observer threw his coat around her shoulders"; "let him perish without a pitying thought of ours wasted upon him"- Thomas De Quincey
(synonym) pitying, sorry for(p)
(similar) compassionate
3. having regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone; "felt regretful over his vanished youth"; "regretful over mistakes she had made"
(synonym) regretful
4. feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses
(synonym) contrite, remorseful, rueful, ruthful
(similar) penitent, repentant
5. bad; unfortunate; "my finances were in a deplorable state"; "a lamentable decision"; "her clothes were in sad shape"; "a sorry state of affairs"
(synonym) deplorable, distressing, lamentable, pitiful, sad
(similar) bad
6. depressing in character or appearance; "drove through dingy streets"; "the dismal prison twilight"- Charles Dickens; "drab old buildings"; "a dreary mining town"; "gloomy tenements"; "sorry routine that follows on the heels of death"- B.A.Williams
(synonym) dingy, dismal, drab, drear, dreary, gloomy
(similar) cheerless, uncheerful
7. without merit; "a sorry horse"; "a sorry excuse"; "a lazy no-count, good-for-nothing goldbrick"; "the car was a no-good piece of junk"
(synonym) good-for-nothing, good-for-naught, meritless, no-account, no-count, no-good
(similar) worthless

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