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Synonym of Sporting

Sporting Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
acrobatic, agonistic, athletic, betting, cardsharping, casting lots, chase, chevy, chivy, coursing, cynegetics, fair-minded, falconry, fox hunting, gambling, gaming, gunning, gymnastic, hawking, hazarding, hunt, hunting, palaestral, play, playing, risking, shikar, shooting, sortition, speculation, sport, sports, sportsmanlike, sportsmanly, square-dealing, square-shooting, staking, stalking, still hunt, venery, wagering


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. marked by or calling for sportsmanship or fair play; "a clean fight"; "a sporting solution of the disagreement"; "sportsmanlike conduct"
(synonym) clean, sportsmanlike
(similar) fair, just
2. relating to or used in sports; "sporting events"; "sporting equipment"
(pertainym) sport, athletics
3. involving risk or willingness to take a risk; "a sporting chance"; "sporting blood"
(similar) adventurous, adventuresome
4. preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance; "led a dissipated life"; "a betting man"; "a card-playing son of a bitch"; "a gambling fool"; "sporting gents and their ladies"
(synonym) dissipated, betting, card-playing, gambling
(similar) indulgent


1. an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
(synonym) athletics
(hypernym) diversion, recreation
(hyponym) rock climbing
(derivation) frolic, lark, rollick, skylark, disport, cavort, gambol, frisk, romp, run around, lark about
(class) in play(p)
2. the occupation of athletes who compete for pay
(hypernym) occupation, business, job, line of work, line
(hyponym) professional boxing
3. someone who engages in sports
(synonym) sportsman, sportswoman
(hypernym) athlete, jock
4. (biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration
(synonym) mutant, mutation, variation
(hypernym) organism, being
(hyponym) freak, monster, monstrosity, lusus naturae
(classification) biology, biological science
5. (Maine colloquial) temporary summer resident of inland Maine
(hypernym) vacationer, vacationist
6. verbal wit (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously); "he became a figure of fun"
(synonym) fun, play
(hypernym) wit, humor, humour, witticism, wittiness
(hyponym) jocosity, jocularity

1. wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner; "she was sporting a new hat"
(synonym) feature, boast
(hypernym) have, feature
2. play boisterously; "The children frolicked in the garden"; "the gamboling lambs in the meadows"; "The toddlers romped in the playroom"
(synonym) frolic, lark, rollick, skylark, disport, cavort, gambol, frisk, romp, run around, lark about
(hypernym) play
(derivation) athletics

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