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Synonym of State

State Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
Babylonian splendor, Everyman, John Doe, Kreis, Public, affirm, air, allege, ally, announce, annunciate, archbishopric, archdiocese, archduchy, archdukedom, argue, arrondissement, articulate, assert, assever, asseverate, assign, attitude, aver, avouch, avow, bailiwick, bishopric, body politic, borough, brilliance, bring out, buffer state, canton, capacity, captive nation, ceremonial, character, chieftaincy, chieftainry, chime in, circumstance, circumstances, citizenry, city, city-state, civic, civil, claim, colony, come out with, common, common man, commonweal, commonwealth, communal, commune, community, community at large, conceive, condition, conditions, confess, confirm, congressional district, constablewick, constitution, contend, cosmopolitan, couch, couch in terms, count, country, county, declare, declare roundly, delineate, deliver, denominate, departement, describe, designate, determine, dignified, diocese, district, domain, dominion, duchy, dukedom, earldom, elaborateness, electoral district, electorate, elegance, elucidate, embody in words, empery, empire, enunciate, estate, everybody, everyman, everyone, everywoman, explain, expound, express, express the belief, federal, fix, folk, folks, footing, form, formal, formality, formularize, formulate, frame, free city, general, general public, gentry, give, give expression to, give notice, give words to, glory, gorgeousness, government, governmental, grand duchy, grandeur, grandiosity, grandness, hamlet, have, heraldry, hold, hundred, imperial, imposingness, impressiveness, indicate, insist, international, interpret, issue a manifesto, issue a statement, kingdom, land, lavishness, lay down, luxuriousness, luxury, magistracy, magnificence, maintain, majestic, majesty, make a statement, make an announcement, mandant, mandate, mandated territory, mandatee, mandatory, manifesto, mark, men, mention, metropolis, metropolitan area, mode, name, narrate, nation, national, nationality, nobility, nuncupate, oblast, official, okrug, paragraph, parish, people, people in general, persons, phase, phrase, pick out, pin down, plushness, point out, polis, polity, pomp, populace, population, poshness, position, possession, posture, power, precinct, predicate, present, pride, principality, principate, proclaim, profess, pronounce, protectorate, protest, proudness, province, public, publish a manifesto, puppet government, puppet regime, put, put in words, put it, quote, realm, recite, regal, region, rehearse, relate, report, republic, resplendence, rhetorize, riding, ritziness, royal, satellite, say, select, seneschalty, set, set down, set forth, set out, settlement, shape, sheriffalty, sheriffwick, shire, shrievalty, signify, situation, social, societal, society, soke, solemn, solemnity, sovereign nation, speak, speak out, speak up, specialize, specify, splendidness, splendiferousness, splendor, stage, stake, stand, stand for, stand on, state of affairs, state of being, stateliness, stately, stature, status, stipulate, structure, style, submit, sultanate, sumptuousness, superpower, supranational, swear, tell, territory, testify, throw out, toparchia, toparchy, town, township, utter, vent, ventilate, village, voice, vow, wapentake, ward, warrant, word, world, you and me


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. the federal department in the UnitedStates that sets and maintains foreign policies; "the Department of State was created in 1789"
(synonym) Department of State, State Department, DoS
(hypernym) executive department
(part-meronym) Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS


1. the group of people comprising the government of a sovereign state; "the state has lowered its income tax"
(hypernym) government, authorities, regime
(hyponym) Soviets
2. the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation; "his state is in the deep south"
(synonym) province
(hypernym) administrative district, administrative division, territorial division
(hyponym) commonwealth
(member-holonym) country, land
3. a politically organized body of people under a single government; "the state has elected a new president"; "African nations"; "students who had come to the nation's capitol"; "the country's largest manufacturer"; "an industrialized land"
(synonym) nation, country, land, commonwealth, res publica, body politic
(hypernym) political unit
(hyponym) Dominion
(part-meronym) estate, estate of the realm
4. the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "the current state of knowledge"; "his state of health"; "in a weak financial state"
(hyponym) skillfulness
5. the territory occupied by a nation; "he returned to the land of his birth"; "he visited several European countries"
(synonym) country, land
(hypernym) administrative district, administrative division, territorial division
(hyponym) banana republic
(member-meronym) department
(part-meronym) domain, demesne, land
6. a state of depression or agitation; "he was in such a state you just couldn't reason with him"
(hypernym) emotional state, spirit
(classification) colloquialism
7. (chemistry) the three traditional states of matter are solids (fixed shape and volume) and liquids (fixed volume and shaped by the container) and gases (filling the container); "the solid state of water is called ice"
(synonym) state of matter
(hypernym) chemical phenomenon
(hyponym) phase, form
(attribute) solid
(classification) chemistry, chemical science

1. express in words; "He said that he wanted to marry her"; "tell me what is bothering you"; "state your opinion"; "state your name"
(synonym) say, tell
(hypernym) express, verbalize, verbalise, utter, give tongue to
(hyponym) present, represent, lay out
(verb-group) say
(derivation) affirmation, assertion, statement
2. put before; "I submit to you that the accused is guilty"
(synonym) submit, put forward, posit
(hypernym) propose, suggest, advise
(derivation) affirmation, assertion, statement
3. indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.; "Can you express this distance in kilometers?"
(synonym) express
(hypernym) denote, refer
(hyponym) vote

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