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Synonym of Summation

Summation Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
abbreviation, abridgment, abstract, account, accounts, addend, aggregate, amount, apocope, argument, body count, box score, capitulation, cast, census, compression, condensation, conspectus, core, count, curtailment, difference, elision, ellipsis, epitome, essence, evidence, foreshortening, gist, head count, inventory, main point, meat, nose count, number, pith, plus, plus sign, precis, product, quantity, recap, recapitulation, reckoning, recount, recounting, reduction, rehearsal, repertory, resume, retrenchment, run-through, rundown, score, shortening, statement, substance, subtotal, sum, sum and substance, summary, summing, summing up, summing-up, syncope, synopsis, tale, tally, telescoping, testimony, the bottom line, the story, the whole story, total, truncation, whole, x number

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