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Synonym of To fall under

hEnglish - advanced version
to fall under

to fall under
to fall under. (a) to come under, or within the limits of; to be subjected to; as, they fell under the jurisdiction of the emperor. (b) to come under; to become the subject of; as, this point did not fall under the cognizance or deliberations of the court; these things do not fall under human sight or observation. (c) to come within; to be ranged or reckoned with; to be subordinate to in the way of classification; as, these substances fall under a different class or order...
see fall

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
fall under
(v.) = componer, constituir, formar parte de, ser parte de, entrar dentro de.
Ex: It is the type of compound that is of primary importance to researchers in chemistry, not the total sum of individual compounds that fall under it.

English-Hungarian Dictionary
to fall under
tartozik vmilyen csoportba

English-Latvian Dictionary
to fall under

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