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Synonym of To make sure

hEnglish - advanced version
to make sure

to make sure
to make sure. (a) to make certain; to secure so that there can be no failure of the purpose or object. "make cato sure." "a peace can not fail, provided we make sure of spain." w. temple. (b) to betroth. [obs.] she that's made sure to him she loves not well. otgrave...
see sure

RDE- Dictionar EN-RO - cuvinte
to make sure
a se asigura , a se convinge (ca)

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
make + sure
(v.) = asegurarse, estar seguro, comprobar, salir de duda(s), salir de la duda, verificar.
Ex: DOBIS/LIBIS first checks the borrower's number to make sure that it is in the files and is valid.

English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
make sure
v.- cerciorarse | comprobar | verificar | asegurarse | estar seguro

English-German Online Dictionary
to make sure
sich vergewissern

Farajbeik Farsi ( Windows Latin )
to make sure
(ِ¢ھ ‘‏)ِ¢¤îِ‏ى‏ٹِ¢¤îëىںُ

Farajbeik Farsi ( Windows Farsi )
to make sure
محقق‌كردن‌،يقين‌كردن‌)يا شدن‌(

English-Latvian Dictionary
to make sure
pārliecināties; pārliecināties

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