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Synonym of Trace back to

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
trace back to
(v.) = remontarse a, tener su origen en, atribuir su origen a.
Ex: The problem of inadequate citation of conference papers can usually be traced back to authors of papers or books who cite conference papers they have heard or read by somewhat laconic statements of the name of the author/presenter of the paper.

English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
trace back to
datar de, remontarse a, tener origen en

English - Greek Technical Dictionary
trace back to
(Lex). ακολουθώ τα ίχνη μέχρι

AACS English-Mongolian
trace back to
өнгөрсөн үеийн юмны гарал үүслийн баримт олох

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