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Synonym of Travel

Travel Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
advance, advancement, advancing, ascend, associate, back, back up, budge, career, change, change place, circle, climb, clip, come along, come on, communication, commute, conduction, contagion, convection, course, cover, cover ground, cross, delivery, deportation, descend, diapedesis, diffusion, dissemination, do, ebb, excursions, expedition, expeditions, explore, export, exportation, expulsion, extradition, fare, fare forth, fetch, flit, flow, forward motion, forwardal, forwarding, fraternize, furtherance, furthering, gain ground, gait, gang, gather head, gather way, get ahead, get along, get over, globe-trotting, go, go ahead, go along, go around, go fast, go forward, go on, go over, go round, go sideways, go-ahead, gyrate, hang about, hang around, headway, hie, import, importation, interchange, journey, journeyings, journeys, junkets, lick, make good time, make head against, make headway, make progress, make progress against, make strides, make up leeway, march, measure, metastasis, metathesis, metempsychosis, migration, mount, move, move along, move forward, move on, move over, mutual transfer, odyssey, ongoing, onward course, osmosis, overpass, pace, pass, pass along, pass on, pass over, pass through, passage, passing over, patrol, perambulate, peregrinate, peregrinations, pererrate, perfusion, peripatetics, plunge, ply, proceed, process, progress, progression, progressiveness, promotion, push on, range, range over, rate, reconnoiter, regress, repair, retrogress, rise, roam, roll, roll on, rolling, rolling on, rotate, rove, run, sashay, scour, scour the country, scout, shift, sink, soar, socialize, spin, spread, spreading, stem, step, step forward, stir, stream, stride, subside, sweep, tour, touring, tourism, tours, track, transduction, transfer, transfer of property, transference, transfusion, transit, transition, translation, translocation, transmigration, transmigration of souls, transmission, transmittal, transmittance, transplacement, transplantation, transposal, transposition, travel over, travel through, travels, traverse, tread, trek, trekking, treks, trip, trips, voyage, voyagings, wanderings, wane, way, wayfare, wend, whirl


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. the act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel"
(synonym) traveling, travelling
(hypernym) motion, movement, move
(hyponym) walk
(derivation) move around
2. a movement through space that changes the location of something
(synonym) change of location
(hypernym) movement, motion
(hyponym) ascension
3. self-propelled movement
(synonym) locomotion
(hypernym) motion, movement, move
(hyponym) brachiation
(derivation) go, move, locomote

1. change location; move, travel, or proceed; "How fast does your new car go?"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect"; "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell"
(synonym) go, move, locomote
(antonym) stay in place
(hyponym) go around, spread, circulate
(verb-group) move, displace
(derivation) change of location
2. undertake a journey or trip
(synonym) journey
(hypernym) trip, jaunt
(hyponym) tour
(verb-group) journey
(derivation) traveling, travelling
3. make a trip for pleasure
(synonym) trip, jaunt
(hyponym) junket
(cause) go, move, locomote
(derivation) traveler, traveller
4. travel upon or across; "travel the oceans"
(synonym) journey
(hypernym) go, move, locomote
(hyponym) sail
(verb-group) journey
(derivation) traveling, travelling
5. undergo transportation as in a vehicle; "We travelled North on Rte. 508"
(hypernym) go, move, locomote
(hyponym) fly
(derivation) change of location
6. travel from place to place, as for the purpose of finding work, preaching, or acting as a judge
(synonym) move around
(hypernym) go, move, locomote
(hyponym) itinerate
(derivation) traveling, travelling

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