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Synonym of Twist round

English/Russian - Mueller24
twist round
= twist around

English - Thai, Dictionary of CherngX
twist round
twist round1 phrv. หมุนรอบ, บิดรอบ, บิดเป็นเกลียว
twist round2 phrv. บิดเบือน (syn. turn around)

The best Glossary by Kelkouli Rédha
twist round
»twist round
1vtaspo (wrap around) to twist something round something, rouler ou entortiller quelque chose autour de quelque chose;
F he can twist her round his little finger, il la mène par le bout du nez.
2vi (turn round) to twist round in one's seat, se tourner sur son siège.

Australian Slang
Twist round one's little finger
1. cheese-flavoured twist-shape crisp; 2. twist-top bottle of beer

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