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Synonym of Very shortly

Babylon English-Turkish
very shortly
çok kısa bir zaman içinde, oldukça kısa bir süre sonra, oldukça kısa bir zaman diliminde

Babylon English
very shortly
in an extremely short period of time

Babylon English-Arabic
very shortly
خلال فترة قصيرة جدا

Babylon English-Hebrew
very shortly
תוך זמן קצר ביותר

Babylon English-French
very shortly
en peu de temps, en un court moment

Babylon English-Spanish
very shortly
dentro de poco tiempo

Babylon English-Italian
very shortly
in pochissimo tempo

Babylon English-German
very shortly
in Kürze, sehr bald

Babylon English-Japanese
very shortly

Babylon English-Portuguese
very shortly
por um período de tempo muito curto

Babylon English-Dutch
very shortly
zeer binnenkort

Babylon English-Danish
very shortly
meget snart, om meget kort tid

Babylon English-Swedish
very shortly
inom kort

English 2 Arabic Glossary
very shortly
قريباً جداً

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