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Synonym of Wave

Wave Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
Afro, accost, address, advertise, affect, air, ambages, amplitude, anfractuosity, antinode, barber, be poised, beat, beat the drum, betoken, bicker, billow, blazon forth, bob, bobble, bore, bow, brandish, brandishing, break, breakers, breathe, bring forth, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring to notice, careen, chop, choppiness, chopping sea, circuitousness, circumambages, circumbendibus, circumlocution, circumvolution, coggle, coif, coiffure, cold wave, comb, comber, conk, convolution, crash, crest, crinkle, crinkling, curtsy, dance, dangle, dash, de Broglie wave, demonstrate, develop, diffraction, dip, dirty water, disclose, display, divulge, dramatize, eagre, ebb and flow, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic wave, emblazon, embody, embrace, enact, evidence, evince, exchange colors, exhibit, expose to view, express, flag, flag down, flap, flash, flaunt, flaunting, flexuosity, flexuousness, flick, flicker, flip, flit, flitter, float, flop, flourish, flourishing, fluctuate, flutter, fly, frequency, frequency band, frequency spectrum, give a signal, give sign, give the nod, give token, glance, go pitapat, gravity wave, greeting, ground swell, guided wave, gutter, hail, hail and speak, haircut, hairdo, hairstyle, half-mast, hand-clasp, handshake, headdress, heave, heavy sea, heavy swell, hello, highlight, hoist a banner, hold up, home permanent, how-do-you-do, hug, illuminate, in phase, incarnate, indicate, interference, intorsion, involution, kick, kiss, leer, librate, lift, light, longitudinal wave, lop, lurch, make a sign, make clear, make plain, manifest, materialize, mean, meander, meandering, mechanical wave, natural, nod, node, nudge, nutate, oscillate, out of phase, palpitate, parade, peak, pendulate, perform, period, periodic wave, permanent, permanent wave, pitch, pitter-patter, poke, pompadour, popple, present, process, produce, pulse, put forth, put forward, radio wave, raise a cry, ray, reel, reinforcement, represent, resonance, resonance frequency, resonate, reveal, riffle, ripple, rise, rise and fall, rivulation, rock, roll, roll out, roller, rough water, salutation, salute, scend, sea, seismic wave, send, set forth, shake, shaking, shingle, shock wave, show, show forth, sign, signal, signalize, sinuation, sinuosity, sinuousness, slat, slinkiness, smash, smile, smile of recognition, snakiness, sound an alarm, sound the trumpet, sound wave, speak, splutter, sport, spotlight, sputter, surf, surface wave, surge, swag, sway, swell, swing, swinging, throb, tidal bore, tidal wave, tide wave, token, torsion, tortility, tortuosity, tortuousness, toss, touch, transverse wave, trim, trot out, trough, trumpet, trumpet forth, tsunami, turning, twisting, undulate, undulation, unfold, unfurl a flag, vacillate, vaunt, vibrate, wag, waggle, water wave, wave a flag, wave equation, wave motion, wave number, wave the hand, wavelength, wavelet, waver, waving, white horses, whitecaps, wield, wigwag, winding, wink, wobble


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. a member of the women's reserve of the United States Navy; originally organized during World War II but now no longer a separate branch
(hypernym) reservist


1. one of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid (especially across a large body of water)
(synonym) moving ridge
(hypernym) movement, motion
(hyponym) surf, breaker, breakers
2. a movement like that of an ocean wave; "a wave of settlers"; "troops advancing in waves"
(hypernym) motion, movement, move, motility
(derivation) roll, undulate, flap
3. (physics) a movement up and down or back and forth
(synonym) undulation
(hypernym) movement, motion
(hyponym) gravity wave, gravitation wave
(classification) physics, physical science, natural philosophy
4. something that rises rapidly; "a wave of emotion swept over him"; "there was a sudden wave of buying before the market closed"; "a wave of conservatism in the country led by the hard right"
(hypernym) rise
5. the act of signaling by a movement of the hand
(synonym) waving, wafture
(hypernym) gesture, motion
(hyponym) flourish, brandish
(derivation) beckon
6. a hairdo that creates undulations in the hair
(hypernym) hairdo, hair style, coiffure
(hyponym) finger wave
(derivation) curl
7. an undulating curve
(synonym) undulation
(hypernym) curve, curved shape
(hyponym) sine curve, sinusoid
8. a persistent and widespread unusual weather condition (especially of unusual temperatures)
(hypernym) weather, weather condition, atmospheric condition
(hyponym) cold wave
(part-meronym) wave front

1. signal with the hands or nod; "She waved to her friends"; "He waved his hand hospitably"
(synonym) beckon
(hypernym) gesticulate, gesture, motion
(derivation) waving, wafture
2. move or swing back and forth; "She waved her gun"
(synonym) brandish, flourish
(hypernym) move, displace
(hyponym) wigwag
(entail) hold, take hold
(derivation) waver
3. move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion; "The curtains undulated"; "the waves rolled towards the beach"
(synonym) roll, undulate, flap
(hypernym) move
(hyponym) luff
4. twist or roll into coils or ringlets; "curl my hair, please"
(synonym) curl
(hypernym) twist
(hyponym) crimp, crape, frizzle, frizz, kink up, kink
5. set waves in; "she asked the hairdresser to wave her hair"
(hypernym) dress, arrange, set, do, coif, coiffe, coiffure
(hyponym) marcel

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