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Synonym of Anglicism

Anglicism Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
Americanism, Briticism, Frenchism, Gallicism, Hibernicism, Irishism, Latinism, Scotticism, Yankeeism, chauvinism, flag waving, jingoism, love of country, nationalism, nationality, overpatriotism, patriotics, patriotism, ultranationalism


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. an expression that is limited to English as spoken by Englishmen (especially as contrasted with American English)
(synonym) Briticism, Britishism
(hypernym) formulation, expression
2. a custom that is peculiar to England or its citizens
(synonym) Britishism
(hypernym) custom, usage, usance

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