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Synonym of OD

OD Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
AB, ADC, Ancient Mariner, Argonaut, CO, Dylan, Flying Dutchman, Neptune, Poseidon, Varuna, able seaman, able-bodied seaman, aide, aide-de-camp, asphyxiate, be brought down, be felled, be killed, be struck down, be traumatized, bluejacket, boatswain, break out, brigadier, brigadier general, buccaneer, captain, catch, catch cold, chicken colonel, chief engineer, chief mate, chief of staff, choke, collapse, colonel, come down with, commandant, commander, commander in chief, commanding officer, commissioned officer, commit hara-kiri, commit suicide, company officer, contract, deck officer, deep-sea man, drown, erupt, exec, executive officer, fair-weather sailor, famish, fever, field marshal, field officer, first lieutenant, fisherman, five-star general, four-star general, general, general officer, generalissimo, get, go into shock, hearty, jack, jack afloat, jack-tar, jacky, jemadar, junior officer, lieutenant, lieutenant colonel, lieutenant general, limey, lobsterman, major, major general, marechal, mariner, marshal, master, mate, matelot, naval officer, navigating officer, navigator, officer, one-star general, orderly officer, overdose, patron, pipes, pirate, privateer, quartermaster, risaldar, run a temperature, sailing master, sailor, salt, sea dog, sea rover, seafarer, seafaring man, seaman, second mate, senior officer, shavetail, shipman, shipmaster, sicken, sirdar, skipper, smother, staff officer, starve, strangle, subahdar, subaltern, sublieutenant, suffocate, take, take an overdose, take ill, tar, the Old Man, the brass, three-star general, top brass, two-star general, viking, watch officer, water dog, whaler, windjammer, windsailor


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. a doctor's degree in optometry
(synonym) Doctor of Optometry
(hypernym) doctor's degree, doctorate
2. the right eye
(synonym) oculus dexter
(hypernym) eye, oculus, optic

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