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Synonym of Abject

Abject Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
abominable, accepting, acquiescent, agreeable, apologetic, arrant, assenting, atrocious, backscratching, base, beggarly, bootlicking, cheesy, complaisant, compliable, compliant, complying, consenting, contemptible, contrite, cowering, crawling, cringing, crouching, crummy, debased, degraded, depraved, despicable, dirty, disgusting, execrable, fawning, flagrant, flattering, footlicking, foul, fulsome, grave, gross, groveling, hangdog, heinous, humble, humble-minded, humble-spirited, humbled, humblehearted, ingratiating, little, low, low-down, lumpen, mangy, mealymouthed, mean, measly, meek, meek-minded, meek-spirited, meekhearted, melted, miserable, monstrous, nefarious, nondissenting, nonresistant, nonresisting, nonresistive, obedient, obeisant, obnoxious, obsequious, odious, on bended knee, paltry, parasitic, passive, penitent, penitential, penitentiary, petty, poky, poor, poor in spirit, prostrate, rank, repentant, reptilian, resigned, scabby, scrubby, scruffy, scummy, scurvy, servile, shabby, sheepish, shoddy, small, sniveling, softened, sponging, squalid, submissive, subservient, supine, sycophantic, timeserving, toadeating, toadying, toadyish, touched, truckling, unassertive, uncomplaining, underfoot, unmentionable, unresistant, unresisting, vile, wretched,


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. of the most contemptible kind; "abject cowardice"; "a low stunt to pull"; "a low-down sneak"; "his miserable treatment of his family"; "You miserable skunk!"; "a scummy rabble"; "a scurvy trick"
(synonym) low, low-down, miserable, scummy, scurvy
(similar) contemptible
2. most unfortunate or miserable; "the most abject slaves joined in the revolt"; "abject poverty"
(similar) unfortunate
3. showing utter resignation or hopelessness; "abject surrender"
(synonym) resigned, unhopeful
(similar) hopeless
4. showing humiliation or submissiveness; "an abject apology"
(similar) submissive

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