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Synonym of Foldback

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Foldback may refer to:

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EN-ES Gonzalo
v.- [Bioq] replegarse

Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms
Means by which musicians can part of the rest of the sound mix (including voices) and how their instruments sound after being amplified. Also enables actors on stage to hear musicians or effects when they cannot hear the output of the auditorium sound system.

Guitar Glossary
Also known as 'FB' or 'Cue system', a monitor system that permits musicians to hear previously recorded tracks, along with their live performance, through headphones.

AJA_RF Technical and TestTerminology
An amplifier peRFormance characteristic which protects the amplifier from damage when subjected to large amounts of reflected power. The amplifier automatically "folds back" or reduces its output to a level that, in turn, reduces reflections to a level that will not damage the amplifier. During a sweep susceptibility test, foldback is preferred to amplifier shutdown under high VSWR conditions, in that foldback does not interrupt the sweep. Continuous full-rated power availability under all load-VSWR conditions is preferred to either foldback or shutdown during a sweep test.

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