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Synonym of Identify

Identify Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
Synonyms and related words:
ally, apply, appraise, argue, assess, associate, baptize, be indicative of, be significant of, be symptomatic of, bespeak, betoken, bind, bracket, call, catalog, catalogue, categorize, characterize, christen, class, classify, coalesce, combine, connect, connote, correlate, couple, define, denominate, denote, descry, designate, detect, determinate, determine, diagnose, differentiate, dig, discern, disclose, display, distinguish, draw a parallel, dub, empathize with, entail, entitle, equate, espy, establish, evaluate, express, factor, find, finger, fuse, gauge, give evidence, give token, group, have, highlight, hint, home in on, home on, identify with, indicate, interrelate, involve, join, know, know again, label, link, make one, make out, manifest, map, mark, mean, merge, nail, name, nickname, nominate, note, notice, parallel, parallelize, peg, perceive, pick out, pick up, pinpoint, place, point out, realize, recall knowledge of, receive, recognize, reidentify, relate, relate to, relativize, reveal, scan, see, select, sense, show, sift, signify, single out, sort, sort out, specify, spot, spy, stand for, style, suggest, sweep, sympathize with, symptomatize, symptomize, synthesize, tag, tell, term, testify, thrash out, tie, title, trigger, tune in, unify, unite, wed, weigh, winnow


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something; "She identified the man on the 'wanted' poster"
(synonym) place
(hypernym) determine, set
(hyponym) distinguish, separate, differentiate, secern, secernate, severalize, severalise, tell, tell apart
(derivation) identification
2. give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property; "Many senators were named in connection with the scandal"; "The almanac identifies the auspicious months"
(synonym) name
(hypernym) denote, refer
(hyponym) enumerate, recite, itemize, itemise
(derivation) identification
3. consider (oneself) as similar to somebody else; "He identified with the refugees"
(hypernym) see, consider, reckon, view, regard
(derivation) identification
4. conceive of as united or associated; "Sex activity is closely identified with the hypothalamus"
(hypernym) associate, tie in, relate, link, colligate, link up, connect
(derivation) designation, identification
5. identify as in botany or biology, for example
(synonym) discover, key, key out, distinguish, describe, name
(entail) classify, class, sort, assort, sort out, separate
(derivation) designation, identification
6. consider to be equal or the same; "He identified his brother as one of the fugitives"
(hypernym) recognize, recognise
(hyponym) mistake, misidentify
(derivation) identity, identicalness, indistinguishability

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