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The Moby Thesaurus is presently the largest and unabridged thesaurus data source in English. This second edition of the Moby Thesaurus, being thoroughly and exhaustively revised, contains 30,260 root words with 2,520,264 synonyms and related terms. By this offering you an average of over 80 synonyms and related words per search term, Moby thesaurus is an invitation to any word lover to delve into spheres of a specific term. The Moby Thesaurus is a linguistic firework of ideas and word concepts.

The Moby Thesaurus is part of the Moby Project, a collection of public domain lexical resources created by Grady Ward. In the mid-nineties Grady Ward placed this thesaurus in the public domain.

  • Created by: Grady Ward
  • Number of definitions: 30260
  • Source Language: English
  • Target Language: English