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Synonym of Old-hat

Old-hat Synonyme from Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus
old hat
Synonyms and related words:
antique, archaic, back-number, banal, behind the times, bewhiskered, bromidic, common, commonplace, corny, cut-and-dried, dated, demode, fade, familiar, fusty, hackney, hackneyed, has-been, moth-eaten, musty, old-fashioned, old-time, old-timey, oldfangled, out of fashion, out of season, out-of-date, outdated, outmoded, platitudinous, set, square, stale, stereotyped, stock, styleless, threadbare, timeworn, trite, truistic, unfashionable, unoriginal, warmed-over, well-known, well-worn, worn, worn thin


Other thesaurus:

WordNet 2.0

1. repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse; "bromidic sermons"; "his remarks were trite and commonplace"; "hackneyed phrases"; "a stock answer"; "repeating threadbare jokes"; "parroting some timeworn axiom"; "the trite metaphor `hard as nails'"
(synonym) banal, commonplace, hackneyed, shopworn, stock(a), threadbare, timeworn, tired, trite, well-worn
(similar) unoriginal
2. out of fashion; "a suit of rather antique appearance"; "demode (or outmoded) attire"; "outmoded ideas"
(synonym) antique, demode, ex, old-fashioned, old-hat(p), outmoded, passe, passee
(similar) unfashionable, unstylish

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